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Dear Golden Artistry,

"Winning Golden Artistry’s jewelry contest taught me
 a lot about the industry and what it is like to run a business. I was able to work during summer and experience what goes into making a piece of jewelry and how much love goes into each of Terry’s pieces. As well how important each person that passes through the door is treated like they are the most important person and how quickly a friendship seems to be created. Watching the interaction between everyone there and their customers has inspired me
​to go into the fashion industry. Because of them I am currently studying art for a fashion design major. Having the opportunity to work with Golden Artistry was a life changing experience and one I wouldn’t trade for the world. "

-Sincerely, Cathy G., Valhalla HS 
2009 Grand Prize Winner


Dear Golden Artistry,

T"his is just a small something to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, motivator, mentor. My words and neither any gift could help me express how grateful I am for the amazing opportunity you’ve given me and lessons you’ve taught me."

-Noraa Reeder, Santana HS
2011 3rd  Place Winner 

Dear Golden Artistry,

"Golden Artistry has had an amazing impact on my life, both by expanding my horizons as an artist and by allowing me to meet some people that have become very precious to me. Dabbling in jewelry was something I had never considered previous to entering the design competition that my teacher had posted on his board, and I honestly don’t think it ever would have crossed my mind in the future either had I not. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity that was presented to me, and even more proud that I took it and made something of it. I’ve been interning at Golden Artistry for about seven months now, and have been exposed to not only the art of jewelry making, but the sciences behind the gems and metals, the business in the accounting, and the social skills needed to successfully work with customers. All through this learning experience, I’ve been helped along by Terry, Nancy, Marjorie, and Susan, and I’m very thankful to have met them. Very few experiences in my life have had such a positive impact on me and made me feel so welcome and capable. "

-Ashley Charlton, West Hills HS 
2011 Grand Prize Winner

                        Golden Artistry © 2017 Terry Whyte

The ​​​9th Annual Golden Artistry Foundation
  Student ​Jewelry Design Competition​      
2017 Theme - "Fold"




Dear Mr. Whyte,

"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given me and for the whole experience all together. I was definitely not expecting to be a finalist, let alone win the whole thing and I cannot express my thanks enough, so thanks again for opening up your business to allow students to explore areas that they might not otherwise explore. It is an experience that I and my family will not soon forget."

- Kristen Rosier, Steele Canyon HS
2014 Grand Prize Winner

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